Toasted Wheat Germ – Coconut

Snacking for most is not a choice, but a necessity and with that necessity comes a responsibility to aim to maximize nutrition and minimize poor food choices. FOODThink's coconut wheat germ is designed to help you increase your intake of nutritious food while not compromising a bit on the taste aspect so that you truly treat yourself.

Wheat germ is surely the most nutritious food to consume and it contains about 23 nutrients. Our brand-new coconut flavored toasted wheat germ is rich in flavoring and the crisp is so real that you'll want to keep coming back for more.

With the scrumptious coconut flavoring, our snack is also high in fiber and packed with essential nutrients like manganese and potassium. These nutrients are essential for better bone health as well as good fluid balance in our body. All the benefits no hassle!!

Wheat germ is the powerhouse of wheat kernel consisting rich source of vital minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that supplement healthy lifestyle. The coconut toasted wheat germ is a ready to eat snack which can be easily carried on the go, can be sprinkled on ice cream, used in pancakes for coconut flavoring or even can be mixed into oatmeal and hence the opportunities are endless. If you have a sweet tooth for snacks, not only our wheat germ fulfill that but they also help to meet your nutrition requirement for the day.