Toasted Wheat Germ - Masala

Nourishment is the ultimate way of leading a healthy lifestyle. Conscious snack choices can be both fun and helpful in fitting additional nutrients in your daily diet routines while preventing overeating.

FOODThink is extremely excited to offer you our latest range of product- Delicious Masala flavored toasted wheat germ, your next favorite healthy snacking option. Our distinct masala flavor is created by our proprietary combination of a variety of herbs and spices. Our masala wheat germ is fun and enjoyable eating.

Wheat germ considered as a highly nutritious part of whole wheat is small in size, but they pack quite the nutritious punch. Being made up of wheat kernels it contains a powerhouse of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, with benefits ranging from the enhancement of your blood flow to your metabolism.

Loaded with copious amounts of fiber and protein, FOODThink has found a way to incorporate Indian inspired Masala flavor to create a snack that will be loved by people of all ages. Not only does the Masala add to the taste but the toasting process also gives a natural nutty flavor to it.

Masala flavored toasted wheat germ is best option to add to our diet, we can mix it into upma, sprinkle on salads and can likewise put a little in marinara sauce and a lot more uses with our very own individual cooking styles and creativity!

Masala wheat germ is a healthy snack and can be enjoyed at any time of the day and can be paired with any juices of your choice as well, an ideal way of improving your eating habits.