Toasted Wheat Germ - Peri Peri

For the need of in between meals, FOODThink is ready with its Peri-Peri flavor to its Toasted wheat germ range.

Wheat Germ is small, but its the healthy part of the wheat kernel comprises 2.5% weight of wheat kernel and contains the most beneficial nutrients. Wheat germ is a powerhouse of various vitamins and minerals. FOODThink has added the flavor of peri-peri to the toasted wheat germ that delivers a rich spicy taste which is perfect for in between meals.

Peri-peri toasted wheat germ is crispy because of its roasting process and is a spicy delight. Rich in vitamins and minerals this masala spice along with wheat germ will enhance your blood flow as well as metabolism property.

In the present situation where people are more careful about their health, wheat germ is the best option for in between meals. Eating healthy snacks in between your large meals will decrease your hunger and also help you from overeating.