Consumption of Wheat Germ In Daily Lives

It is perhaps well-known now that Wheat Germ has many nutritional benefits. But where do you buy it from? Wheat Germ is different from Wheat Flour, and needs to be taken in its raw form. You either have to source it directly from the farm or go to recognized dealerships of wheat germ. Many supermarkets do not stock wheat germ, but some large grocery stores - store it in the respective cereal sections.
Nevertheless, several health-food stores or natural food stores sell wheat germ. You can also order wheat germ online from FOODThink. The common forms of Wheat Germ are toasted or flavoured, usually with honey or cinnamon. The germ contains most of its nutrition, so it’s best if you can avoid cooking it. Another option would be to opt for Wheat Germ in its toasted form.

Where to buy wheat germ & How Should I Eat It?

You are recommended to start your day by adding Wheat Germ to cereal or yoghurt. It also makes a great ingredient for protein shakes. Place protein, milk and wheat germ in a single vessel, before bleeding it nicely. You can cook with it as well, substituting some of the flour in your recipes for wheat germ, adding Wheat Germ to baked products and using it in place of breadcrumbs for frying. Make sure to refrigerate your wheat after opening. Also, keep it in an airtight container to preserve its freshness.
Another simple manner of consuming Wheat Germ would be to sprinkle Wheat Germ over cereals and yogurts. Wheat Germ’s crunchy texture makes these food items can further makes these food items more alluring. As mentioned earlier, Wheat germ is readily available in most large supermarkets and health food stores. So, there wouldn’t be any trouble in finding it.

Preferred FOODThink to Buy Wheat Germ Online India

The grain is available pre-packaged, but you can also find it in the bulk section of health food stores. Wheat Germ will be packaged in bulk bins, boxes or in jars. Purchasing Wheat Germ requires a lot of considerations, such as checking its date of manufacture and its health benefits. A simpler method would be to purchase it online from a reputed wheat germ manufacturer’s portal so that you can study all details before taking a decision.