Wheat germ for pregnancy

Wheat Germ For Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, It is important to get the right amount of calories, Vitamins & mineral in her diet. Proper nutrition is mandatory for good health of expecting the mother and prenatal baby.

Yet eating enough quantity food becomes a hassle for ladies who’re are facing nausea during the pregnancy. In this case, having natural and high nutritious food can help her to meet prenatal health needs. Adding wheat germ to your diet can help you in both the ways of taste and nutrition.

Wheat germ provides 20% of the folic acid of daily requirements, High amount of Zinc and 6% and calcium. Also, wheat germ is high in fiber, high-fiber diet help you avoid common pregnancy complaints like constipation and hemorrhoids, it also provides an even release of glucose in

your bloodstream, helping you avoid sudden lowering of energy. Wheat germ provides following nutrition component for well being of expected mother and baby.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is mandatory for the healthy prenatal development of the infant. It also reduced the chance of several birth defects like spina bifida. Hence it is extremely important for a pregnant woman to take a proper amount of folic acid. Fortunately, Wheat Germ is loaded with folic acid. 100 gms contains 323 mcg of folic acid.


Wheat germ is a very rich source of protein with all amino acid, Which is the important nutrient required during the pregnancy especially in the second and third trimester to build the body cells of growing baby.


The proper amount of calcium is required for the formation of bones and teeth of the infant as well as a mother. Wheat germ also delivers the high amount of calcium.


Magnesium is the important nutrient for the nervous system. Magnesium prevents for uterus from contracting prematurely. In addition to that, it also helps to sleep, which becomes very helpful for women in the later stage of pregnancy. Wheat germ is also rich in Magnesium. Per serving of wheat germ provides 419mg of Magnesium. Adding wheat germ in your diet will fulfill your need of required magnesium.


Studied have found that Zinc is a vital role in maintaining the lower weight of fetus and also the duration of gestation. It also immunes the baby and mother and reduces the risk of infection. Major food source of zinc are various types of seafood but it becomes difficulties for the vegetarian to get an adequate amount of Zinc during pregnancy. So wheat Germ is the solution!

Add Wheat germ in your daily food like soups, salads, smoothies. Mix with cake, cookies, and muffins while baking and enjoy your gestation period with tasty and healthy wheat germ recipes.