Multigrain Atta

People are becoming aware of incorporating various grains in their normal diet and roti is one of the main food items in an Indian household. And looking at the needs of every individual FOODThink is excited to offer their new product Multigrain Atta. The name multigrain itself implies that the product contains different types of healthy grains.

FOODThink multigrain atta is a mix of fine grains that gives you the beneficial and nutritive value of multiple grains in tasty rotis. Wheat, Jowar, Bajra & Ragi are the powerhouse of nutrients. Our multigrain atta has the dietary benefits of various grains- wheat (high in B vitamins), ragi (rich in calcium), jowar (loaded with iron and fiber) and bajra (packed with fiber).

Multigrain atta comes with many advantages, it is high source of vitamins, helps in weight loss and also sources suggest that it prevents from night blindness.

The consumption of multigrain atta revitalizes your digestive system and hence multi-grain flour can be a good addition to your diet.